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A single Master Password to secure valuable information

One password keep everything

Stay worry free by storing all your passwords, account details,notes and sensitive information at a single location with TweakPass!

Login Quickly and Effortlessly

Accessing all your passwords couldn't get more easier! Now login to all your accounts from anywhere, anytime, in a matter of seconds with automatic data syncing.

Login faster

Easy and Hassle-free

Forget the hassle of remembering all sensitive information like passwords, card details etc. AutoFill all your online forms swiftly with the saved information.

Trouble remembering too many passwords? Not a problem!


Use TweakPass extension on all popular browsers to save your confidential details and access them while on the go.

Generate unique passwords instantly

TweakPass Extension is bundled with password generator to create stronger passwords.

A majority of users tend to forget their passwords

TweakPass stores all passwords in a single location, accessible only to you

TweakPass supported in devices

Start securing your passwords today

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Premium Plan

  • Premium includes:
  • Dedicated tech support
  • Strong password generator
  • Secure Notes
  • Multiple device support
  • SSL secured
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*Billed $29.95 annually